Monday, August 19, 2013

Bessey Auto-adjust hold-down clamps

Recently I was lucky enough to be chosen by Bessey to test their new auto-adjust hold-down clamps. I received 8 clamps free of charge and I simply love them! 

I received my Bessey clamps on Friday and couldn't wait to try them. In comparision to the old de-Sta clamps they are on a scale of their own. Just having the ability to be able to change thicknesses of wood and not have to grab a wrench, makes work go some much faster. They appear to be well made with nice weight and the mechanicalparts seem to work flawlessly. I can see them holding up to vigorous work for years to come.  One word "Awesome!"

Turned Bullet Box

 Found the pattern for this bullet box on the internet and had to give it a try. Made in Red Oak and Walnut.

Spalted Bowls

 Went out to my wood pile and got a small log to play with. The entire log was spalted which made some nice small bowls.

Kitchen Island

Built this kitchen island for my daughter. She is going to do the finishing on it since she is wanting a distressed look.